It’s literally Nauru . . . and you

Chances are good that you have never heard of Nauru.  That’s not surprising, as only around 10,000 inhabitants live there, and the island country usually gets only a couple of hundred visitors each year.  It is the smallest country in the world.

But, you might want to give the island nation a go, as its history is as intriguing as its unspoiled Pacific location.  And, the people are beyond friendly.

Note, though, that it will take some effort and some time to reach the island.  But that is part of the adventure.  You will likely gain access to Nauru through Fiji or Australia.  You may also find that you will spend time in those two countries, as Nauru is somewhat limited when it comes to tourist activities.  But, how many friends can boast that they’ve visited the smallest country in the world, eh?

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