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It’s alive!!! It’s alive!!!

If you have no interest in automobiles, skip to our next post. We’re being a bit selfish.

Spend some time on our site, and you’ll periodically see posts about SAAB cars. We love them, and have owned almost a dozen of them – including a classic 900 cabriolet to this day. And the social media outlets boast dozens of groups that continue to admire, discuss, preen, buy and sell and, most of all, lament the fact that Saab may never come back.

Why is this? For those of us who own and love Saabs, it’s very hard to describe, but you either fall in love right away, or they’re just another car. They were very clever in what they produced. Early innovators, they brough such now-mundane features as seat belts, headlamp wipers, self-repairing bumpers, electrically heated seats . . . the list goes on and on. General Motors bought Saab in 2000 and, after a lackluster botched attempt by GM, Saab Automobile went defunct in 2011. And that was that. An Asian consortium, NEVS, tried very hard to bring the Dealerships back to life, but that dried up.

Or did it? As it happens, a new Saab dealership opens in Taiwan.

11 years after the car-maker was put to rest, you still have a chance to experience all that is Saab.. Read more here and, if you’re lucky, fly to Taiwan and grab yourself a classic.

Finally, if you find this intriguing, be sure to keep your eyes wide open when you’re watching films and Netflix, etc. They almost inevitably feature a Saab, Watch – you’ll be surprised. That says a lot, eleven years later.

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