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Iran’s Rainbow Valley

When you mention the word Iran, it usually strikes a certain response from many people. And, alas, much of that is true. It is a country that has had more than its share of troubles. But, like anywhere, it is also filled with beautiful people, beautiful scenery and beautiful stories. We have dear friends from this part of the world, and spending time with them continues to inspire us to visit their country when we can. We encourage you to do so, too, when the winds allow.

Here, we showcase the breathtaking Rainbow Valley.

Hormuz is located on the Straits of Hormuz, the narrows at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. The Straits have been mentioned fairly often in news over the last few decades because of their strategic importance. They are the best place to control traffic in or out of the Gulf; if someone wanted to cut off seaborne shipments of something — Gulf oil going out, arms coming to Iran, or supplies to US forces in Iraq — this is where they would do it.

In medieval times, Hormuz was the capital of its province and the province is still called Hormozgān, though the city of Bandar Abbas is now the capital. To escape Mongol attacks, one ruler shifted the capital to nearby Hormuz Island and built a town there called New Hormuz, but he soon made peace with the Mongols and moved the capital back.

Colourful, spectacular, uncrowded. And the history is second to none. (Some content courtesy of

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