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Ingmar would be pleased

My gosh, we’d really like to go off-grid right now. Somewhere isolated. Somewhere barren but still beautiful. Somewhere where you almost feel like you’ve reached the very edge of the planet.

The island of Hamneskär, off Sweden’s western coast, is just that sort of place. For decades, this rocky island has been home to a lighthouse, a few random outbuildings and a house for the lighthouse keeper’s family. Now the house and surrounding buildings have been restored and turned into a luxury nine-bedroom hotel, Pater Noster – making it quite possibly the ideal off-the-beaten-track place to escape to.

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And if you find that booking the hotel is tough, have a look at some of our good options.

Ingmar?  Bergman!

And you’ll likely want to explore all that Sweden has to offer – which is a lot!