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One of the more fun activities we have managing this site is being able to present travel (and other) news and offers to you, our readers.  We spend a lot of time looking for content that we hope you will enjoy.

As you might expect, there are costs in operating a site such as thisOne way that we are able to keep the lights on is to work with affiliatescompanies who have products or services that match nicely with our intent.  We’re grateful to all of the affiliate companies who have chosen to work with us.

But, sometimes we like to feature some of our affiliate friends, as we feel that they have something unique to offer.   In this case, we’re featuring Hotels Combined.  We like them because they’re an all-encompassing hotel site where users can access the best rates from a variety of top travel sites all in the same place.  They’ve become a huge success.

But, we also want to feature them, as in the past, we all (including the Admin here) worked together on the HotelClub site, which was part of Expedia.

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