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“Home” and dry

Do you camp? Are you a camper? Is this the life that makes you most happy? You’re not alone. In the U.S., the proportion of campers who camped for the first-time in 2020 was five times greater than what was observed in 2019. And statistics would lead us to believe that those numbers went up due to Covid. What is even more encouraging is that those numbers continue to grow: it’s not just a pandemic fad.

But one thing that will matter to all campers is how to do it correctly. And, by that, we mean safely, economically, ergonomically and always keeping nature in mind. The better the experience, the more experiences you’ll want to have.

From drying your socks with body heat to dealing with spots of mould, here’s how to protect the clothing that protects you in the great outdoors. Read more here courtesy of

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