Flyover highover

How would you like to wing across the entire country of Canada in eight minutes?  Eight minutes, you ask?  Yes, it’s true and doesn’t require supersonic aircraft.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  And you can also do the same in Las Vegas and Reykjavik, IcelandBut, how can this be you might ask?

A 52-foot spherical screen will surround guests as they glide virtually through such other destinations as the Las Vegas Strip, Grand Canyon, Zion and Arches National Parks, Lake Tahoe and more, seen from a first-person perspective in high definition. Developed by Brogent Technologies, Inc., the attraction uses a state-of-the-art moving platform with six degrees of motion that enable guests to feel every sweeping movement of the journey. Special effects including wind, mist and location-specific scents heighten the immersive flight ride as guests hang suspended with their feet dangling above the world’s natural wonders.

We live in Vancouver.  Fly Over Canada never gets old.  You should try it when you’re here, in Vegas or Iceland.

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