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Go, go go Virgin Islands

It’s always interesting to see which holiday destinations are on fire, or are merely simmering. There are so many to choose from, and some of them have – let’s face it – large marketing budgets. But some desirable places are waiting for travelers, and still remain – almost – hidden secrets.

Once such destination is the US Virgin Islands. Known, but still waiting in the wings. But that is changing.

The US Virgin Islands has actually seen the highest increase in visitors from 2019 to 2022 of any destination in the Caribbean, according to global hospitality consulting firm HVS. The US Virgin Islands has seen a 31.6 percent increase in visitors since September 2019, the highest rate of any destination.

The SUVI is far outpacing the Caribbean at large, which has seen tourism down 16.7 percent overall since September 2019 (That is changing lately, however, with many destinations in the region starting to eclipse their 2019 totals).  Read more here courtesy of Caribbean Journal.

So, here’s your chance to jump on a hidden treasure before the rush and the push begins.

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