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Those of us who live up here in the Pacific Northwest of North America are very lucky, in many ways.  The weather, the diversity (especially of our residents) and the history that is constantly being discovered and enjoyed.

As with many other countries, Canada has a population that can be considered as First NationIn fact, the name Canada itself is believed to be a Huron-Iroquois word.

To document and celebrate these people, in Vancouver, we have the excellent MOA, a place of world arts and cultures with a special emphasis on the First Nations peoples and other cultural communities of British Columbia, Canada. MOA is part of the University of British Columbia (UBC.)

Be forewarned:  you can spend HOURS in here!

And it's not just First Nation: there are pieces from all around the world.
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MOA is on the UBC campus. A short walk. Click above for the West Coast Suites at UBC.
Tripadvisor has tickets and more for the MOA. Click above.

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