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The electric interwebs are full of articles and videos about failed attempts on a grand scale.  We know that there was thought and planning put into these – there had to be. 

But, in the cases here, the dreams crumbled in a number of different ways.  Rather than ridcule, let’s be glad that we’re able to learn from these examples.

Oh, and you can also go to visit them.  See below.

Burj Al Babas is a residential development located near the Turkish town of Mudurnu whose buildings are designed to resemble miniature chateaux. The site initiated by the Sarot Group has been abandoned since 2019 after the developers filed for bankruptcy with a debt of $27 million.

You can reach Burj Al Babas Villa via a short drive, or a 45 minute bus ride from ARMUTÇULAR KONAĞI, Büyükcami, 14800 Mudurnu/Bolu

Akarmara, once a bustling coal mining town, is now overtaken by trees. It lies in Abkhazia, a breakaway region on Georgia’s Black Sea coast. Wars and economic change have emptied the town of the 5,000 people who lived there in the 1970s. Today, with only 35 residents left, only the forest can really call it its own.

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The Sanzhi UFO Houses (Chinese三芝飛碟屋pinyinSānzhī Fēidiéwū), also known as the UFO houses of SanjhihSanjhih pod houses or Sanjhih Pod City, were a set of abandoned and never completed pod-shaped buildings in Sanzhi DistrictNew TaipeiTaiwan. The buildings resembled Futuro houses, some examples of which can be found elsewhere in Taiwan.[1][2][3][4] The site where the buildings were located was owned by Hung Kuo Group.[5]

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Tripadvisor has experiences in Sanzhi. Click above.

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