Don’t suffer for your art

If you can’t come to the arts, let the arts come to you with our selection of free virtual museum collections.

With the promising news of a COVID vaccine, we need to take care of our mental health more than ever, especially if we want to prepare for our collective comeback to post-pandemic life. 

Experts agree that keeping the mind busy and occupied has an impact on how we feel, and nothing improves our daily outlook than gazing at something aesthetically pleasing—the sense of calm that comes from standing in front of an ancient sculpture or a striking piece of contemporary art. 

During the first lockdown, many large museums around the world made their collections available online. We’re sure you’ve probably seen them all. Still, there are smaller galleries and museums around the world that offer free access to their exhibitions. Here are our picks for these lesser-known but no less worthy art spaces.

Read more courtesy of our partner OMIO.

You know, one option is to rent a place and enjoy virtual events, too.

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