Behold! The ancient land of Cahokia

The United States of America is a place of many contrasts.  But, do you think it as of an ancient civilization that – 1000 years ago – had that parties that went on for days?  Likely not.  Thats Mexico, isn’t it?

Cohokia, was home to the largest pre-columbian city north of Mexico. The city was occupied for seven centuries as the American Indians here farmed, traded, created art, studied the sun, and built massive earthen mounds. Between 15,000 and 20,000 people lived at Cahokia when it reached its peak 800 years ago.

Today, Cahokia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk the grounds where the Indians walked, climb to the top of a 100 ft (30 m) mound, and visit a world-class museum to learn more about life in this part of America before Columbus.

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