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Balloon afternoon

Have you ever flown in a hot-air balloon?  If not, you may want to move that further up in your travel “to-do” list.

Why?  Because when you choose the right location and the right time of year, it is an other-worldly experience.  When we took ours, over the hills of Tuscany, it was nothing like we expected.

We had to arrive at the launch pad at 06:30 in the morning.  Ugh, but that soon turned into great expectations, especially as the balloon started to fill with hot air.  Our children – very young at the time – were able to scamper around inside the balloon as it filled.  That set the style for the rest of the day  have fun, anything goes.

Tuscany at that time of day is eerily quiet.  Only the whoosh of the balloon and an occasional “moo” from a cow, so far below us.

Too soon, it was time to descend, as the sun had risen and the balloon had completed its job.  Truly unforgettable, after all of these decades.

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The video above shows what it’s all about.  Not scary.  Thrilling!

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