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Chances are, when you think of visiting Europe, you usually will choose France, Italy, Spain or – recently – Croatia. They are the natural choices. 

But it’s likely that you haven’t given too much thought to Albania

While not a full member of Europe yet, many Europeans consider it as such. The country is Southeastern Europe. It is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean Sea, and shares land borders with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south; and maritime borders with Greece, Montenegro and Italy to the west.

Tirana is its capital and largest city, followed by Durrës, Vlorë and Shkodër.

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4-Day Albanian Heritage Highlights Trip

  • Get a taste of Albanian culture, history, and food
  • Visit Berat Castle and the “city of a thousand windows”
  • Explore the winding cobble streets, historic houses, and Ottoman Bazaar in Gjirokaster
  • Marvel at 2,500 years of history in Butrint
  • Immerse yourself in nature during lunch at Llogara National Park
  • Click here to see the full itinerary.

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The old city of Berat.
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