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Sometimes, traveling on aircraft for long periods of time makes you give up hope.  Aircraft can be so uncomfortable, and the seats unforgiving.

Those in business or first-class often never encounter the same aches and pains of us hoi poloi,  but the struggle is real.

Now, Airbus comes to the rescue with their new Airspace interior designs, and what a change it is!

They have given the most valuable space in the sky a dedicated name: Airspace.

Airspace elevates the feeling of space inside Airbus aircraft to an even higher level. Looking for the most inspiring, relaxing, beautiful, and living space? Find it in Airspace cabins.

We will be able to enjoy the experience today with A330neo and A350 family aircraft, and beginning in 2021, on the A320neo.

Learn more here courtesy of

Airbus have created this fun tour of the new aircraft. Click above and have a look around.

EasyJet flies all types of Airbus planes.

If you want Airbus luxury now, Etihad has it for you.

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