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Go green. Top flight-free travel tips for travelling in Europe by train.

We live in North America, but have lived in other parts of the world, too. It still boggles our minds how so many the residents of this part of Mother Earth still cling to the idea that a fossil-fuel burning vehicle is the way to go when it comes to getting around. Admittedly, some have no choice, but, increasingly, rail, trams and even cycling are becoming more accessible.

And, not to sound like a broken record (remember them?) but our kindred spirits in Europe (and Asia) are once again showing the world how it should be done.


This article, courtesy of, gives you top tips on doing the right thing with sustainable travel, as practiced by millions of Europeans every day. Many of you can

look away now, as we may be preaching to the already converted, but faster and better rail is either in (slowly) North America or is on its way. City slickers up and down the East Coast know what we mean: they use rail everyday.

And here are just some of the features when you travel by train in Europe and Asia:

Some trains in France, Italy and Switzerland even have carriages especially designed as play areas, so kids can run around freely.

For children under 12 discounts usually amount to about 50 per cent off.

When travelling on an overnight train as you can secure all the beds in a cabin for your family at a discounted price. It’s a great way to benefit from extra privacy offered by rail travel.

For those in North America who want to make the move, you’ll be pleased to know that Amtrak will be pouring money into upgrading its service with more routes and – even better – high-speed European trains.

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