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Special Interest

Neom: mind blown

Never ones to not think big, the Saudis have the will and the resources to think beyond. They ask "what if we could start again? THE LINE rethinks everything we know about how people live, work and play. A 170 km-long vertical city, designed around people, rather than cars. A revolution in urban living. A…

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San Miguel de Allende

Mexico is a well-travelled and much-love destination for world-aware travelers. Above and beyond its gob-smacking food and its inexpensive cost of entry, it also shines because of its lovely inhabitants and all of the rich history that bathes the country. Like most places, it has its own issues to deal with, but that should…

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Instagram native affiliate program is no more

Instagram recently ended its native affiliate marketing program. When the program was first introduced back in June 2021, it was billed as one of many in Meta’s latest lineup of features for content creators. The sudden move to sunset the fledgling opportunity translates to a conflicting change of course for Instagram, whose parent company is…

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