Zooming to Barbados

One of the benefits of the pandemic has been the realization that so many jobs can be done remotely and you don’t need to be chained to a desk 9-5 anymore. Although there is a belief that business travel may never fully recover, it is likely that travel for remote working may nearly balance this out. With people becoming used to Zoom and Teams instead of face to face meetings, remote working lifestyles look more and more achievable.

The island of Barbados in the Caribbean is keen to cash in on the phenomena by trying to tempt people to stay long term on its island. Short term international vacations are thought to be less enticing for travelers in the age of coronavirus, which brings with a whole level of stress past the usual queues and security searches. Barbados is, therefore, targetting travelers on a long term basis to make up for the loss in short term stays.

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