Welcome to the rest of your life.

Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger, are we? We might as well enjoy ourselves. We have the time and hopefully, the money too. But when we’ve been stuck in the grind for so many years, where do we start?   

As frequent, if not always willing, travelers, we’d like to share some of our (and others’) life lessons so you can enjoy the same successes and avoid the same mistakes. 

As part of that, we scour the world for unique news and travel ideas that can really take you to another level, so to speak.

Our intent with Matouring is to be a travel digest for our readers, turning them on to new travel vistas and ideas. We search around the globe for news, ideas and options that we hope will inspire and be a call to action for intrepid matures – of any age.

Explore the topics below to get started – 

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