Mystically fruity

Let’s move to East Grinstead and Forest Row, West Sussex, UK: mystically fruity.

What’s going for it? Do you believe in the genius loci, the spirit of the place? Well, there must be a fruity old spirit in East Grinstead and Forest Row.

Is there something in the water, in the soil, in the wind? How else do you explain the congregation here of those who, shall we say, walk the path less travelled? Forest Row has two biodynamic farms.

The newsagent’s noticeboard is stuffed with offers of reiki this, hot stone that. In East Grinstead, there is an uncommon clustering of the spiritual, with its Scientologists, Opus Dei adherents, Rosicrucians, not to mention art therapy, Montessori, colleges of naturopathic medicine, all as common as Costa Coffee shops here

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