How to train Americans

As you will likely know if you visit our site often, we love trains.  In these days of global environmental anxiety, exploding world populations, and transport options getting squeezed, trains are the obvious solution.

Trains are used every day by millions of people across the globe.  But many of our friends in the USA are still unable (or unwilling) for the most part to partake in this most sensible of choices.  To be fair, sometimes rail options in the USA are nonexistent or supremely inconvenient (ie: catch the train at 03:00.)

And other than city or regional train services in the US, you only have Amtrak.

Well, our friends at OMIO are working to fix that.  They have compiled a handy guide to train services in the USA.  And this is in addition to its global guides (also available here:  scroll down.)

Give it a goRelax, save stress, save the planet.  Take the train.

You know it makes sense. Click above.

If you must fly, choose sensibly.

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