At Matouring, we scour the world for unique news and travel ideas that can really take you to another level, so to speak.

Our intent with Matouring is to be a travel digest for our readers, turning them on to new travel vistas and ideas. We search around the globe for news, ideas and options that we hope will inspire and be a call to action for intrepid matures – of any age.

Our main areas of expertise focus on Europe, Latin America and North America.  So you will see companies that we partner with there – sometimes shown in their own currencies and languages (see below) – to get the best deals.   Note that most sites now have multiple language selectors available, usually at the top of the page. 

We don’t ignore other areas of the world, though!

LanguagesPlease note that we highly recommend Google Chrome as the primary browser.  Not only is it the most popular browser, but it is also excellent at translations.  Also, the latest versions of Microsoft Edge will also translate pages as you progress.  Our links may lead you to a page in another language:  Chrome and Edge can automatically translate them to your language.  See more here.

Finally, we use copyleft courtesy of the ever wonderful As part of the copyleft ideals, our content is also free to use, where not copyrighted by another author.

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